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KAI Online is the new, more accessible Kids Academy International. It integrates our value-centered curriculum with today’s online technology, so that our students can learn from anywhere and through multiple devices, letting them grow as the socially-conscious learners they are meant to be.

KAI Online practices a progressive online and home-based education system integrated with a Values Before Skills philosophy. We champion children’s expansive capacity for love and learning, in school and in life, encouraging them to be well-rounded, individual free-thinkers, with a strong moral core and social conscience.
KAI Online is recognized by the Department of Education.


  1. Please send us a message to our Facebook page (
  2. An administrator will provide you a form to fill-out.
  3. For ages 3-5 years old, a free assessment will be scheduled.
  4. Deposit your payment through online banking to the account the administrator will provide you, and send your proof of transaction and other requirements via email.
  5. Once successfully enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation with your new class email address and class codes!
  1. Enrollment form
  2. ID picture soft copy (2 x 2”, white background)
  3. Child's birth certificate
  4. School record (from previous school)
  5. Proof of payment
  6. Waiver

Additional Requirements for Foreign Students:

  1. Visa
  2. Passport

Yes, we offer class free trial! Please send us a message through social media to notify us of your interest in the trial, and register through this link: After signing up, you will receive an email on how to join the trial class.


Our preschool classes are age-based and they are as follows:

  • Pre-Nursery, 2 years old by August 31
  • Junior Nursery, 3 years old by August 31
  • Senior Nursery, 4 years old by August 31
  • Kinder, 5 years old by August 31

We offer Online Class and Module-Based Learning.

Online Classes work real-time, with regular interaction with teacher and classmates, dynamic participation, active discussion, and immediate feedback.

Module-Based Learning is your flexible, individual-paced learning option. It involves pre-recorded lectures and less class interaction. Parents and guardians are required to allot more time for overseeing the student’s lessons.

Yes, we offer Galileo Enrichment subjects in English, Math, and Singapore Math to help broaden your child’s learning opportunities.


For a complete list of our fees, please email us at, or send a message to our social media pages. An administrator will reach out to you once your request has been received.

Tuition fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. We also offer Flexiplan programs, starting at P8,000 monthly for Pre-Nursery and Junior Nursery and P9,000 for Senior Nursery.

For a complete list of our fees, please email us at, or send a message to our social media pages.

The Flexiplan Program is a monthly tuition fee payment arrangement with no down payment and no minimum months required. A student can continue his education on a monthly basis, while enjoying the same privileges of a regular student.

The regular Flexiplan starts at P8,000 monthly for Pre-Nursery and Junior Nursery and P9,000 for Senior Nursery.

Yes, we do! Our Flexiplan inclusive of a Galileo Enrichment subject starts at P9,500. Together with your regular classes, you will have twice a week access to your chosen Galileo subject.

  • Junior Nursery & Math – P9,500
  • Junior Nursery & English – P9,500
  • Junior Nursery & Singapore Math – P10,000
  • Senior Nursery & Math – P10,500
  • Senior Nursery & English – P10,500
  • Senior Nursery & Singapore Math – P11,000

To avail of the Flexiplan, please send a message to our Facebook page (, letting us know of your interest in the program. An administrator will assist you in availing the said payment arrangement.


A student must have a working desktop, laptop, or iPad/tablet. For these handheld devices, please download the Google Classroom and Google Meet apps.

You will receive a list of other requirements in your orientation kit once your child is successfully enrolled.

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