The New Normal of Education: Virtual Classes & Home-Based Classes

Fighting for education has always been in the hearts of the Filipino people. We find ways to learn and to provide it despite any challenge that may come our way, with parents working overtime, and sometimes, even children working part-time jobs to help out in paying for their school fees.

With this in mind and the COVID-19 pandemic at hand, all schools levels have seriously considered branching out to online virtual classes and home-based classes to continuously provide the best means to hone the future of our nation. Having no chance to meet their teachers in person, our education’s new normal will require a shift in the students learning routines: to set up a classroom at home inclusive of their family.

Let’s make learning at home a wonderful time for our children. Strengthen personal bonds by exchanging ideas and getting to know the curious learner in each other.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Distance learning allows you to be educated while staying safe with your loved ones. You may want to consider it for yourself and your children this season and see for yourself its wonders. Whether you’re a silent learner who prefers to study alone or one who craves exchanging ideas with others, it can be beneficial to you.

Easier Access

Some want to learn on their train ride, some want to access their modules during lunch break at the office. For sure, some even live at places far from schools. With just a few clicks and swipes on your device or a flip of your printed module’s pages, you can take in knowledge without a sweat. You can even access classes offered overseas!


Remote learning helps students develop a sense of trust and motivation in one’s self. Independent learners have more space to choose for themselves what to learn and how to accomplish their tasks.

Better Time Management

Learning with more flexible time can help you appreciate the present more. Use it wisely by creating a realistic schedule that you can stick to.

Reduced Costs

Not only can online and home-based courses be cheaper, the less time you travel to school also reduces the money you spend outdoors on food breaks and transportation.

Better Communication Skills

Remote education, even though mostly done alone, can help improve one’s communication skills. It can challenge you to communicate clearly and more precisely with your instructor or classmate through email, messages, and other forms of online channels.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

People nowadays are always moving at a fast pace, thus requiring more accessible forms of education that can fill one’s curiosity and secure them a future. This is where distance learning methods, such as virtual classes, come in.

A virtual classroom is an environment of learners that interact via the internet as if they are physically present in a traditional classroom. These people take advantage of technology to educate themselves, usually within the comfort and safety of their homes.

Methods of Modern Distance Learning

The good thing about education today is that each individual can learn in their own unique way. Mix and match to find what works best for you and your family.

Correspondence Courses is one of the simplest forms of distance learning. This is done through regular email and/or instructional material exchanges online that require little interaction between student and teacher. This is ideal for part-time students, and is an option provided by many schools and universities around the globe.

Electronic Learning, often referred to as e-learning, takes advantage of data that can be available offline, such as modules recorded and saved in CDs, DVDs, and your personal computer.

Synchronous Online Learning, is the most popular virtual learning approach today and can be a very interactive form of distance learning. It is internet-based and can be accessed through websites and/or soft wares. This option offers live interactions between students and instructor through video conferences and chatrooms, which can be done one-on-one or as a class, helping build a community of learners and educators online.

Open Schedule Online Courses are perfect for the independent learners. Through this asynchronous form of learning, students can be provided internet-based textbooks, pre-recorded videos, and deadlines to meet, allowing them to work at their own pace. Due to its nature of having readily-made materials, some open schedule courses don’t really require instructors.

KAI Online

At KAI, we want love and kindness to simultaneously thrive with today’s technology-driven learning. This coming school year, in accordance to the Department of Education’s Learning Continuity Plan, we will provide you and your beloved children the opportunity to learn in any safe space you choose by making our classes available online.

Introducing the more accessible KAI Online, we hope to continue providing values and character- building education to our students. Together, let’s keep building the foundation of a future filled with earnest and selfless leaders.

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