The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

Benefits of Being Grateful

Everyone, even kids, have a tendency to compare themselves to others, forgetting to see the good things they and others possess. This can lead to an awful mindset and strained relationships. The act of unconsciously comparing can start at a young age if we don’t guard our hearts from bitterness.

The key to being happy and content is to have a thankful heart. Knowing what it’s like to struggle with negativity, adults should teach children to openly see what’s around them with beauty and kindness, which can help improve the quality of their lives starting at a young age.

KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

1. Gratitude develops a positive mindset.

Being grateful effectively increases happiness and reduces toxic emotions, such as envy, frustration, and regret.

Ever heard of kids stealing what their classmates have in school? We can avoid this by teaching our kids to appreciate what they have. Point out how pretty their things are no matter how well-used they are. Teach them how to care for their belongings to prolong their use and keep them in their best quality. This can help them be less materialistic as they grow older.

2. Gratefulness boosts self-confidence.

Kids can be brave when they are confident. They can get up on stage and in front of people to share their talents. Self-confidence can also help them be firm with their beliefs and lessen the chance of them being misled by others.

Praise them when necessary! This will help them keep improving their skills and sharing it with others. Teach them to stand for what is right by explaining to them the cause and effects of their values.

3. Gratitude can increase your productivity.

Maybe you’re unsure of that math problem in your homework, and you’ve been staring at that paper for so long, worrying how you’re supposed to do it. Any form of doubt can exhaust your mind and take much of your time.

Being grateful of who you are and what you can do can help you keep saying yes to overcoming any challenge! It helps you think clearer and do more.

Take time to pause and appreciate what you have in front of you. Look at each of them with gladness and curiosity to know how these things can work for your good.

4. Gratitude can help you sleep better.

Thankfulness helps you worry less about what you could’ve done and could have had. Having less anxious thoughts before going to bed can reduce the time required for you to fall asleep and can give you more time to rest.

Before going to bed, try doing the things that you are always grateful for: reading your favorite book, conversing with your loved ones, or just lying down and staring at the stars outside your window. Draw the good things closer to you to help you have the sweetest dreams.

5. Gratitude enhances empathy and improves relationships.

Being grateful helps you find the goodness in people, and can help you forgive them sincerely when they are at fault.

When you feel like doubting someone, maybe a friend or sibling, think about the good things they’ve done for you and consider their situation first so that you may good-naturedly resolve whatever conflict you may have had.

Gratitude Journaling

What is Gratitude Journaling?

Gratitude Journaling is a writing activity that can help your kids focus on the good things in their life. It will help develop in them a positive mindset as they take note of the things they are grateful for. This includes the simple things, such as the sunshine, or the more impactful ones like a high quiz score. Sharing gratefulness within the family can also help each member see the positive things within your home and in one another.

KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

You can be as creative as you want! Bring out your favorite art and crafting tools and invite everyone in the family to start your gratitude journal today.

Suggested Materials:

  1.   A huge sketchbook or notebook, to make space for your thankfulness and creativity
  2.   Writing and Coloring Materials, for writing down and illustrating your moments of thankfulness
  3.   Stickers and washi tapes, for decoration and borders
  4.   Pictures or magazine cutouts, to help you remember the moments better
  5.   Glue, to keep your precious memories in place

KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It


  1.   Decorate the borders of your journal’s 2-page spread before you start listing down your gratitude items. You may want to let the kids help you do this with some pens, washi tapes, and/or stickers.
  2.   Divide the spread and pages based on your preference. You can put dates or the days of the week, if you’d like, just like how a traditional journal would look like. Make sure that the space for listing your gratitude items is big enough for your child to comfortably write on and decorate. You may also want to write down your names under each date or day, leaving enough space in between each.
  3. KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

  4.   Start filling out your pages with gratitude! You can list down anything, no matter how big or small. It may include things such as today’s breakfast, the movie you recently watched with your family, or the clean clothes you’re wearing. Anything that comes to mind!
  5.   To make things more personalized, feel free to stick on some pictures. You may also use magazine cutouts or illustrate from scratch with your preferred medium if you don’t have any printed photos ready.
  6. KidsAcademy International - The Benefits of Gratefulness and How to Practice It

  7.   Lastly, share the love and thankfulness with each other in the family! If you’re comfortable, you may share why you’ve listed down these items.

We hope that you have the most meaningful moments with your family today. May you learn to cherish each other more, and we hope our journaling activity can help strengthen your bonds.

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