Preparing Your Child for Online School

Welcoming change can draw out growth, and as parents and guardians, we must hold our little ones' hands and encourage them to make the most out of this new normal.

We can show our support by preparing their surroundings first and making them feel that learning can be done anywhere, especially in the comfort of your home.

Here are a few things we can consider doing in helping them learn within the house.

Prepare a checklist

Identify what your child's needs are for online school. This can be based on the requirements list the school will provide you. To make things heartwarming, ask your child what they think they need for school and ask for their assistance in preparing the little things.

Set up a learning environment.

Setting up a physical learning corner for your child can help them focus better on their lessons. Make sure that this space is comfortable and free from distractions. You can ask them to help organize and decorate the area to give them a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Take an online classroom tour.

See how you and your child can experience the best out of their upcoming classes. Make sure that everything is ready and working ahead of class, such as your Wi-Fi connection, devices to be used, and online accounts, by taking an online tour.

Log in, watch video tutorials, and read guides on how to move around the virtual classroom. Let your child join you to boost their courage and excitement for their new school!

Create a schedule.

To keep their activities organized, set a simple schedule that they'll be able to accomplish. You can set alarms that can teach them to be aware of time. It would be best to set song clips or sounds they can learn as alarms, such as animal sounds and nursery rhymes!

Dress them up for school.

Put their comfortable outdoor clothes to use through outfits they would love to learn in. This can help them feel ready and confident to attend to their class responsibilities. Allow them to mix and match their favorite clothes to develop their creativity.

Encourage Friendship.

For little children who are used to spending time with their friends regularly, distance learning can be challenging. Make sure that your child doesn't feel lonely by asking how they feel and encouraging them to spend time together. Listen to their most imaginative stories and share yours too.

Remember to teach them that it's good to make friends with their online classmates. Be there to supervise them and watch their beautiful friendship bloom.

We hope that you can join us this school year at KAI Online! We've prepared our best lessons and resources for homeschool to continually nurture your child's values and skills.

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