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We offer free trial classes for every level from Pre-Nursery to Kinder, so that you and your little one can see if our school is the right fit for you. Trial classes are held everyday and can be booked at your convenience.


Suddenly have a full schedule and looking for a fun and safe place where your child will be well looked after? Our Daycare service is ideal for busy parents who are working and don’t have someone to take care of their children, or who want the little ones to socialize and do activities outside of the home. We also offer corporate Daycare rates. As with our trial classes, advanced booking is recommended.


Dear Parents,

Every new school year brings with it exciting possibilities for the future. In line with our mantra of “Values before Skills”, our goal is to nurture our children into compassionate leaders with strong moral character, a listening attitude, and dedication to serving the community.

We have created a happy environment that encourages a natural state of play and learning, allowing the children’s innate creativity to bloom from within.

As symbolized by our school logo – students, teachers and parents work hand in hand towards a brighter tomorrow.

Welcome to a new and better Kids Academy International Preschool.

Ma. Soky Lipana
School Administrator



Voluntary acceptance of one’s personal discomfort in the discharge of his or her responsibilities.


Nourish a strong moral center and a clean body, mind and soul. Thoughts become words; words become actions; actions become character. Character creates our destiny.


The ability to feel compassion and the inability to bear the suffering of others. When we learn empathy for another’s suffering, we learn to truly love.


It begins with the understanding that I am spirit, not matter. Possess a true and sincere heart and know that we are all equal in the eyes of God; this is the way to attain freedom from false prestige and arrogance. Awareness of ourselves, and a wholly-formed understanding for each other, are the wellsprings of joy.



Our Pre-Nursery Classroom is a safe haven for the youngest of our students. Toddlers can play and explore the world around them through bright visual aids, tactile playthings and musical activities.


As the children actively develop their cognitive, physical and socio-emotional skills, they need a larger space to experiment and learn self-confidence in Junior Nursery. This is the stage when learning becomes more academic and the children are encouraged to develop their artistic, numeric and writing skills.


The next stage of Senior Nursery continues to build upon developing each child’s character and values, as well as their academic progress.


The children are quite independent at this age as they prepare to enter the next stage of their education and life. Kinder class has a diverse range of materials for the kids to experiment with, having honed the confidence to try new things and become explorers of the world. As always, art and music play an important part in the class; it’s not unusual to encounter a budding Picasso or rock star jamming on our toy drum set, guitar or keyboard.


We have fully-equipped Daycare facilities with a wide variety of art materials, books and educational toys for the little ones to enjoy. Our dedicated Daycare teacher has a schedule of activities that encourages cognitive and socio-emotional development in a relaxed environment. We can also tailor activities to a child’s personal preferences.

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